Boston Marathon Raises Awareness of the Disabled Community

The Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 raised worldwide awareness for individuals who have suffered from an amputation as a result of trauma or a disease. This has led to increased research and development in the area of prosthetics. In addition to specific attention paid to cases of amputation, the Boston Marathon, in general, has historically been an event that has raised awareness for disabled athletes in Boston, nationally, and in the international community.

According to an ESPN report, it has been 40 years since the first wheelchair competitor crossed the finish line. Since then, the race has been a meeting point of accomplishment for thousands of athletes who suffer from amputation, spinal cord injuries, hearing loss, or visual impairments. Our SSDI attorneys in Boston are advocates for individuals who live with disability. While we applaud the efforts of all athletes, we also acknowledge the hardships, financial and otherwise that can impact the disabled and their families. Our priority is to help individuals with disabilities recover the financial support and compensation they need through the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

New amputees as well as individuals who suffer from other disabilities face a number of physical, emotional, personal and financial challenges. Whether raising a family or trying to provide support, a new disability or illness can pose additional and unexpected hardship. The Boston Marathon has long had a wheelchair division that allows for disabled athletes to compete in the race. The wheelchair division champion wore the emblem of the Martin W. Richard Foundation to honor the 8-year-old boy who was killed in last year’s attack.

This year, disabled athletes came from all over the world to compete in the race and to show their support for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. Competing with a disability is a way to show the new amputees that they can take risks of failure, a feat necessary for those who transition towards life with a disability. The athletes acknowledged that a traumatic injury takes time to heal from anger, frustration, and the questions that accompany a disability, injury or disease. For Boston Marathon runners, it has been one year of trying to adjust to a new reality with disease. The race is bringing together new victims as well as veteran disabled competitors to show a new strength and resiliency among the community.

The Boston Marathon bombing drew significant public attention and media requests. While some victims were open to talking about their amputation and new disability, others found it more difficult to discuss their situations and adjustments. There is significant support; however, patients do need time to recover and make sense of the difficulties of suffering a traumatic injury. Many of these patients will need additional financial support so that they can access appropriate treatment and care needs.

Individuals who have been impacted by disability or disease may find strength in the success stories coming out of the Boston Marathon. Still, a new or existing disability can make everyday life more challenging. An experienced Social Security Disability attorney can help those with illness, disease, or disability recover necessary benefits.

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