How Long Should You Wait to Apply for Disability Benefits?

When you become disabled and can no longer work to support yourself, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Unfortunately, myths and misinformation surrounding the application process could compromise your claim, such as waiting a certain period to apply. You must apply as soon as possible for your best chance at benefits as soon as you learn about your disability. 

Social Security Wait Times Highest in Over a Decade

There are several reasons why you should not wait to apply for disability benefits. Most importantly, wait times are near an all-time high due to a significant staffing shortage and a growing claims backlog. As of December 2022, the average time for a decision from Social Security is seven months – the longest in 14 years.

This is because SSA staffing levels are the lowest in 25 years, and as of August 2022, 929,000 Americans comprised the backlog of applicants for disability benefits, an overwhelming 25% more than in September 2021. 

So, you must apply as soon as possible to avoid waiting longer than this record-high period for a decision. Another reason you must not wait to apply for SSDI is that your work credits, which determine your eligibility for benefits, expire. So, for example, if you have paid into Social Security and earned enough work credits to qualify but wait longer than five years to apply for benefits, you will no longer qualify. 

Why Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

It will significantly benefit you and your case to contact a skilled Social Security Disability lawyer who will protect your rights and ensure no time is wasted in your disability claims process. Unfortunately, even if you qualify for benefits and apply as soon as possible, your application may be denied; Social Security denies approximately 70% of initial applications, regardless of validity. However, you must not let this delay you from seeking the help you may be entitled to by law.

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