Study: Disabled in Massachusetts Suffer More Health Problems

Individuals who suffer from disability may have difficulty accessing proper nutrition and medical care. In addition to the inherent complications of having a disability, this could make individuals with disability more susceptible to disease and other healthcare problems. According to a recent report, Massachusetts residents with disabilities suffer more health conditions than those without disabilities. The report found both physical and mental health conditions are worse for those in the disabled community because they don’t have access to medical care to suit their needs.


The disabled community has a more difficult time because of physical or mental impairments and in seeking necessary care and benefits. Transportation, employment, healthcare, and other necessities that we take for granted maybe out of reach or simply more complicated to access for those with illness or disability. Our Boston SSDI attorneys understand the hardships faced by individuals in the disability community as well as their loved ones. We are committed to helping the disabled recover necessary benefits. We are also abreast of disability research and are committed to raising awareness to improve health and living conditions for the disabled community.

Researchers found that individuals with disability have more physical health and mental illnesses than those without a disability. The report indicates this is not a new phenomenon, but a common trend blamed on disabled patients who are unable to access specialty care for their conditions. Individuals who suffer from intellectual or other cognitive impairments may find it even more difficult to find a doctor who will treat their common health conditions. The research was conducted by a disability unit at UMass.

According to researchers, the state could take additional action to help disabled patients access suitable health care providers. These care providers should understand the specific challenges of the disabled population and take necessary action to meet their needs. The report found that 24% of individuals with disabilities were smokers compared to only 16% of adults who did not suffer from a disability. Individuals with disabilities were more likely to suffer from sexual violence and twice as likely to suffer from obesity. The report also highlighted other general health issues faced by individuals with disabilities, including challenges finding affordable housing, dental care, transportation to doctor’s appointments, communication, managing chronic conditions, and finding a doctor who accepts public insurance.

The report used data from health survey and online interviews with members of the disabled community. Respondents noted having trouble finding medical providers who could understand their needs. Many noted that the very stigma associated with disability created additional hardship when seeking basic preventative medical care and treatment.

It is not surprising that individuals with disability face additional complications when seeking basic health care needs and requirements. Challenges accessing a doctor who is sensitive to disability issues is only one problem. Patients may also struggle trying to pay for necessary care. Our SSDI attorneys understand the health concerns faced by those with disabilities and their loved ones. We are committed to helping families collect benefits and access care to improve overall health and quality of life.

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