Daily Discrimination Faced by the Disabled

Disability is something that can happen to anyone, and those who are disabled face many challenges. For many, the biggest challenge is not being able to work and provide income for their families. However, the Huffington Post has recently provided a list of some of the other issues that affect the lives of those who are disabled. The article, written by an author who has been disabled for the past 20 years, highlights six instances of discrimination that disabled individuals face on a daily basis. wheelchari.jpg

Our disability benefits attorneys can help those who are severely disabled to apply for benefits through the Social Security Administration so they have the income that they need to make ends meet. Even with adequate financial support, however, the disabled will continue to face many challenges in a society that does not yet fully understand and embrace acceptance of everyone without discrimination.

Daily Discrimination Faced By Disabled Individuals
According to the Huffington Post, six types of discrimination that disabled individuals face on a daily basis include:

  • Employees in stores assuming that the disabled are stupid. Many employees consciously or subconsciously equate a physical disability with a mental impairment, even when a disabled individual has no cognitive challenges.
  • Taxis declining to stop for the disabled. In metropolitan areas like Boston or New York, taxis may pass by disabled individuals because the drivers don’t want to deal with the extra needs that a disabled person might have.
  • Stairs in public spaces. Public places must meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, some owners of stores or other public facilities do not comply with the requirements and simply choose to disobey the law and discriminate.
  • Wheelchair quotas. There are certain locations such as airplanes, amusement parks and concert venues that have quotas on how many wheelchairs are allowed in their public places at a given time. While these rules are necessary for safety, they can result in disabled individuals being denied access to events they wish to attend.
  • Strangers avoiding their gaze. Some individuals pretend not to see a disabled person because it is easier to ignore him or her than interact with someone who might make them uncomfortable.
  • People parking in handicapped spaces. Although it is against the law for someone without a handicapped sticker to park in a handicapped space, people choose to do it anyway because it is convenient. This makes it more difficult for someone who is disabled to be able to park in an accessible location.

These are just some of the challenges faced by the disabled every day. Disabled individuals may also find it more difficult to find employment, despite rules prohibiting employers from discriminating on the basis of disability. Those who are too disabled to work with their conditions should speak with an experienced attorney about qualifying for benefits through the Social Security administration.

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