Possible Increase in SSI Payments for Disabled Beneficiaries

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is responsible for running the Old Age and Retirement benefits program, the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits program and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.  The Old Age and Retirement program is the benefits program that every working American will qualify for when they reach a certain age, so as long as they have worked enough years and paid enough taxes to have become eligible for benefits.  However, it should be noted that in an effort to stretch the budget and save money, Congress routinely increases the age at which someone will become eligible to receive these benefits.

cashThe Social Security Disability Insurance benefits program is for working Americans who have become disabled and can no longer work.  If they have worked enough years and have earned enough quarterly credits, they are said to have paid to into the system and can qualify for SSDI benefits.

However, the reason we said can qualify instead of will qualify is because the system makes it very difficult to qualify for benefits, even when there is really no question that you are genuinely disabled.  This is also in an effort to stretch the budget and save money.  For that reason, if you are disabled and unable to work, and SSA has denied your initial application, you should contact and experienced Boston SSDI attorney, so he or she can work with you to help get you the full and appropriate disability benefits award that you deserve.

The third program is known as the Supplemental Security Income program.  The SSI program is for disabled children in very low-income households, disabled adults who do not qualify for SSDI benefits, the blind, and the elderly who do not qualify for Social Security retirement benefits.  This is a modest monthly benefits program with a maximum benefit $731 dollars each month.  There is already an increase scheduled to occur as part of a cost of living adjustment (COLA), which will raise that monthly amount to $735 a month, but, according to a recent news article from Disability Scoop, that meager increase is not good enough for some Congress members.

For this reason, there is a push among some members of Congress to put forth a spending bill that would allow a one-time payment of $581 to each beneficiary.  This would include Americans who are receiving SSI benefits, as well as those who are receiving Old Age and Retirement benefits.  It should be noted that there are many more recipients of the Social Security retirement benefits than there are of SSDI and SSI benefits combined.  In fact, the money it would take to run the disability program for six years is around the amount of money it would take fully fund the Old Age and Retirement benefits program for a single year.

While some may argue that even $581 is not a tremendous amount of money, that would pay for a few months of groceries for the beneficiaries, especially if they are already receiving other benefits such as SNAP/EBT (food stamps) to assist with the cost of daily living expenses.

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