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For the last two years, we have been hearing a lot about how the Social Security disability fund will run out of money in late 2016 if nothing is done. The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program comprise what people are talking about when they refer to Social Security disability. The United States Social Security Administration (SSA) administers both the SSDI and SSI programs, and the benefits money comes from the agency’s disability fund.

1144348_business__5In addition to the disability fund, there is also a Social Security retirement fund. That fund is used to pay for the Social Security retirement benefits people are generally referring to when they say someone is collecting Social Security. While SSA administers both funds, the money, which is collected in the form of tax withholdings, must be maintained in separate funds, because they are for separate purposes.   However, until Congress passed a recent law, if the money was running low in one fund, it could easily borrow money from the other fund, so that there was no reduction in benefits. This is what has happened several times during the roughly 60 years the disability program has been in existence. Continue reading

As many are now aware, the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs are facing a major budget shortage if Congress does not fix the problem soon. Specifically, by late 2016, there will be a 19 percent budget shortage for the disability programs, which will in turn result in a 19 percent cut in every one of the 9 million disability beneficiaries’ monthly checks. This will be devastating to these claimants and their families.

budgetcutsWhile Congress has claimed it is well aware of the situation and is using the crisis to generate headlines, their fighting among themselves has apparently not inspired confidence among the general public.   According to a recent news feature from Inquisitr, a Gallop survey revealed that 66 percent of Americans still believe Social Security is in a state of crisis, and 64 percent of Americans do not think disabled Americans will receive any money once the shortage occurs. Continue reading

Stepp v. Carolyn Colvin, an appeal from the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, involved a woman who used to work as a correctional officer, a training supervisor, and parole coordinator, who applied for social security disability benefits after suffering from a degenerative disc disease. In addition to the degenerative disc disease, she also claimed a secondary disability of depression.

calculator-stethoscope-1004851-mClaimant first sought treatment for chronic neck pain in 2008. She underwent a series of MRIs, and it was determined she he a degenerative disorder to her cervical spine and thoracic spine. Doctors also found disc herniation and stenosis. The following year, she was referred to an orthopedic surgeon, and she complained of pain in her neck, chest, arms, and shoulders, as well as numbness in one hand and her legs, trouble balancing, memory loss, sleeping trouble, and other related issues. However, her doctor noted she had balanced walking, balanced standing, no problems with her grip strength, and rated her shoulder muscle strength as being four on a scale of five. He noted weakness in her upper extremities, but no serious issues. Continue reading

When you have a disability that was not caused by an on-the-job injury, and you do not have private long term disability insurance, Social Security disability insurance is probably your best way to get disability benefits to allow you to pay your bill and make ends meet. However, getting approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits is often not an easy task.

952313_gavelThe first step in the application process is to fill out a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. You submit this application to the United States Social Security Administration (SSA), along with your medical records and a doctor’s recommendation, and wait while hoping for the best. Continue reading

It is an unfortunate reality that mass shootings happen across the United States. These horrible events happen without warning, result in the death or injury to many innocent people and capture the nation’s collective attention. There have been numerous reports of these shootings this year alone, including the incident involving the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church in Charleston, South Carolina and the shootings at two military installations in Tennessee.

gun-1503923Following these events, there is often much debate about whether the federal government should be doing more to prevent guns from falling into the hands of the mentally ill, or, on the other hand, whether the government will use events like this as some type of justification to deprive people of their Second Amendment rights. This is not a debate that will be solved anytime soon, as both camps are very firm in their respective positions. Continue reading

According to recent news article from, the United States Social Security Administration (SSA) has decided to reinstate benefits for hundreds of disability claimants whose benefits they had earlier suspended. There will be a full investigation and hearing to determine eligibility before any benefits are terminated. This will help ease the fear of imminent economic hardship and “ruin” benefits termination has caused to many families.

writing-a-check-2-701013-mThe trouble for these hundreds of disabled Americans began when SSA became concerned that nearly a thousand Social Security Disability Insurance benefits recipients had received benefits to which they may not be rightfully entitled. Rather than conduct an investigation and then make decisions as to whose, if any, disability benefit would be terminated, SSA sent out around 900 letters to disability benefits recipients announcing their disability benefits were to be immediately terminated. Continue reading

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