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When considering whether to pursue Social Security Disability Insurance benefits in Boston, it’s important to point out (contrary to what some say) you aren’t going to get rich on these benefits. That isn’t to say they aren’t worth pursuing; for many people, SSDI is absolutely the only thing that keeps them financially afloat when they have suffered a life-altering injury or illness and can’t work.SSDI attorney Boston

In Massachusetts, about 4.5 percent of our four million population receive SSDI benefits from the Social Security Administration. However, only about half who initially apply will be approved for it. Those who are denied will have several more opportunities to appeal, and the chances of approval increase the further you make it in the process. There is an Office of Disability and Adjudication Review (ODAR) in Massachusetts with numerous locations, including in Boston, Framington, Lowell, Chelsea and Lawrence.

The SSA reports more than 10 million people receive SSDI benefits nationally, and it’s useful to know upfront how much you would receive if you pursue this course of action and are successful. Here, we’ll explain in greater detail the ways in which the SSA determines what amount of benefits you and your family may receive. It’s based on your work history based on an averaged index of monthly earnings.  Continue reading

Having a disabling condition can make it difficult for you to be able to earn a living. Your ability to find work will depend upon many factors, including the types of skills you have and any job experience you had before becoming disabled, as well as the severity of your disability.SSDI lawyer

The Social Security Administration has a narrow definition of what it means to be disabled, and many benefits applications are denied because the SSA believes a disabled person could work in some type of job for which he is qualified, even if he is not able to do the job he most recently had before he was disabled. Continue reading

When a child is born with a serious disabling condition, this can impact every aspect of life. While children with disabilities are entitled to a public education, with appropriate accommodations made for their disability, disabled students generally graduate at lower rates than students who are not affected by physical or mental conditions.  SSDI lawyer

When disabled students are unable to get a high school or college education, this adversely impacts their ability to make a living. Many young people with disabilities will not be able to become self-supporting, both because of the limitations imposed by their condition and because of the challenges associated with obtaining a quality education and employment skills. These disabled children may rely on federal benefits both during their childhood and when they reach adulthood.

Parents need to understand the rules for when children may qualify for disability benefits. Children may potentially be eligible for SSI, depending upon income and resource levels when they are young and when they reach adulthood and become independent. Continue reading

By law, the Social Security Administration has to occasionally review the case of every person receiving Social Security Disability Insurance and/ or Supplemental Security Income disability benefits. The process by which this happens is what is called a “continuing disability review.” The intention is to figure out who might no longer qualify as disabled, and therefore who no longer needs standing

In general, it’s a lot harder to get benefits in the first place than it is to pass the process of a continuing disability review. That said, it’s wise to consult with an experienced Boston SSDI lawyer because there are a number of pitfalls that can arise throughout this process, and you don’t’ want to suddenly find yourself without much-needed benefits.

Continuing disability reviews are performed at various intervals depending on the underlying condition of the recipient, as well as his or her age.  Continue reading

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