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Even the best Boston SSDI attorneys know an extended wait time for a disability determination hearing can be inevitable. In Boston, the average is 10 months, according to the latest data from the Social Security Administration. That’s actually one of the shortest lengths in the country, but that doesn’t make it any less painful for those who are disabled and can’t work but are still trying to make ends meet. SSDI attorney

Now, the newest budget proposal released by the Trump administration indicates these wait times may stretch even longer as staff positions will be slashed and individuals will be tasked with greater caseloads than ever. Denial of initial applications for Social Security Disability Insurance are commonplace, but we may see them in even higher numbers if this budget is passed. People complaining about the rate of assistance through SSDI now may soon be reminiscing on these as “the good old days.”

The fiscal 2019 Social Security Administration Budget would significantly reduce staffing, which in turn is going to mean longer waits in agency offices and on the phone for those trying to navigate the often complex world of disability benefits.  Continue reading

When considering whether to pursue Social Security Disability Insurance benefits in Boston, it’s important to point out (contrary to what some say) you aren’t going to get rich on these benefits. That isn’t to say they aren’t worth pursuing; for many people, SSDI is absolutely the only thing that keeps them financially afloat when they have suffered a life-altering injury or illness and can’t work.SSDI attorney Boston

In Massachusetts, about 4.5 percent of our four million population receive SSDI benefits from the Social Security Administration. However, only about half who initially apply will be approved for it. Those who are denied will have several more opportunities to appeal, and the chances of approval increase the further you make it in the process. There is an Office of Disability and Adjudication Review (ODAR) in Massachusetts with numerous locations, including in Boston, Framington, Lowell, Chelsea and Lawrence.

The SSA reports more than 10 million people receive SSDI benefits nationally, and it’s useful to know upfront how much you would receive if you pursue this course of action and are successful. Here, we’ll explain in greater detail the ways in which the SSA determines what amount of benefits you and your family may receive. It’s based on your work history based on an averaged index of monthly earnings.  Continue reading

People who are too sick to work are waiting sometimes a year or more to obtain approval for SSDI benefits in Massachusetts. SSDI stands for Social Security Disability Insurance, and while it is a federal program, offices are located in each state to process requests, hearings and other issues. The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for the Social Security Administration released a report detailing pending hearing backlogs not long ago, revealing 1.1 million pending claims on average await a decision at any given time, with an average wait time of 318 days. That’s a significant increase from the 705,000 cases that were back-logged in 2010.SSDI attorney

Of course, there are some who would use a figure like this to assert it’s the result of exploitation of the system. However, this ignores the underlying issues that have led to higher enrollment and greater backlogs. Those issues include:

  • An aging workforce, more susceptible to injuries and illnesses;
  • An increase of women in the workforce;
  • Cuts to the SSDI program, resulting in fewer personnel to usher cases through the system.

SSDI attorneys in Boston at Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers recognize that for some, this is an inordinate amount of time to wait without income. We work diligently to help our clients’ cases move as quickly as possible through the system with meticulous preparation and exploration of resources that may be able to assist while the case is pending.  Continue reading

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance is often anything but a smooth, quick process. The reality is that only about 30 percent of SSDI applications are approved on the first turn. Those cases often involve those who are the sickest and whose claims are very straightforward. If there is any question whatsoever about the viability of your claim, it’s likely you’ll be denied. That sets the stage for an appeals process, which in all truth, can take many months and possibly even years. man

The circumstances of every case will be different, but we generally encourage people to go ahead and pursue an SSDI appeal because their chances of prevailing in those later stages are much higher.

That said, of course, if you can avoid a denial in the first place, that’s the ideal situation. That’s why we stress the importance of hiring an SSDI attorney right from the beginning. That way, you are certain that your paperwork is properly filed, it’s completed on time, it has all the necessary information and it is delivered to the correct Social Security Administration agent for appropriate review. If there are circumstances that warrant an expedited process, your attorney can help facilitate that for you as well.  Continue reading

A woman recently wrote to an columnist who offers advice on Social Security matters, and lamented the fact that they were probably not eligible for SSDI benefits due to their retirement nest egg that was about $250,000. She noted she was 60 and had no choice but to quit her job due to an array of medical ailments. She was considering applying for SSDI, but assumed her husband’s income and their savings would disqualify her. cane

The columnist rightly noted the writer had fallen prey to the same misunderstanding that so many do when discussing Social Security Disability Insurance, which is to assume that it is a type of welfare program, and that therefore applicants have to meet certain income requirements.

“If Bill Gates became disabled tomorrow, he could file for Social Security disability benefits,” the columnist wrote, noting that even the billionaire wouldn’t be exempt under the current guidelines. It has to do with the SSDI is structured – and it does differ from Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, which is a type of welfare program.  Continue reading

With promises by the new president to scrap the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” there is a high likelihood that the number of people seeking Social Security Disability Insurance benefits will grow at an even higher rate than they would

It is true that the number of people receiving SSDI increased from 2.5 percent of Americans in 1990 to 5 percent in 2015. However, there are several reasons for that, among them the fact there are more women in the workforce and also older workers who are living longer but are more likely to suffer long-term disability.

But the ACA had two main provisions that helped to reduce the rolls to less than what they would otherwise be. One of those was the provision that forbid insurers from refusing customers on the basis of pre-existing conditions or charging them higher rates. The second provision allowed those with a low income to receive lower premiums. Continue reading

The SSDI backlog is likely to worsen, even as there already exists an extensive wait for processing Social Security Disability Insurance claims, a new Bloomberg report speculates.woman-300x200

As it now stands, a typical appeal for an SSDI denial takes more than a year to be heard by an administrative law judge.

The president of the ALJ union told Bloomberg that people waiting to have their SSDI appeals heard are “desperate.” This is not an exaggeration, particularly when you consider that people are continuing to get older and sicker, in addition to more people incurring new injuries. Continue reading

In recent months, there have been many various allegations and reports of alleged misconduct in Social Security Administration (SSA) offices around the nation.  We have seen instances where administrative law judges (ALJs) have been accused of delaying hearings in an improper manner and also improperly denying benefits so as to save money.

whistleWe have also seen one case where an ALJ in Wisconsin, who is still employed, had his entire caseload taken away after allegations he was sexually harassing his subordinates and also female claimants who were seeking disability benefits.  This was the judge accused of writing lewd comments about female applicants on their official agency paperwork. Continue reading

The Social Security Administration’s growing backlog of disability cases has ballooned in recent years, from about 695,000 in 2010 to more than 1.1 million in 2016. sand1

According to the Office of the Inspector General, that means the average processing time on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) hearings went from 415 days up to 498 days. It’s not uncommon to hear of people waiting up to two years – just to get a hearing to decide whether they are eligible for benefits.

Congress has promised to take steps to reduce that backlog, but they have been saying that for years and the problem continues to worsen.  Continue reading

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 57 million people – or 1 in 5 – have some type of disability. More than half of those conditions are categorized as “severe.”denied

In some cases, when disability onset occurs after years of working, disability insurance coverage can help a person to keep their heads above water until they can return to work. However, those suffering from a more severe condition that will result in a year or more off work are going to need more help than that. This is where Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can help. These benefits can provide long-term financial relief for those coping with severe, ongoing disabilities. However, they must first qualify.

Although the number of SSDI applicants has more than doubled in the last 20 years, approximately two-thirds of applicants are denied. Whereas about half of applicants were approved in 1999, only about one-third were in 2014. This does not mean you should not bother applying. What it does mean is you’ve got to be prepared to make the best case possible before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). This is why having an SSDI attorney can be so valuable. It also means you need to understand the common reasons people’s SSDI claims are denied. This can help you avoid some common errors.  Continue reading

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