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If you are confronted with an illness, injury or other condition that leaves you so severely impaired that you are no longer able to work, you may have considered the possibility of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI. This federal program exists to extend financial protection in the long-term for adults who have worked and paid into the program. coffeebook

However, many people are deterred from applying in the first place – or put if off as long as possible – because they’ve heard the horror stories. They’ve heard of the mounts of paperwork, the seemingly systematic denials and the long waiting periods.

There is some truth to these stories, but there is also a fair amount of fiction floating around. Continue reading

Learning about federal benefits can feel a bit like stirring a bowl of alphabet soup: SSI, SSA, SSDI, SSN and more. ssdi

Many people are overwhelmed when they first start to sift through pamphlets and informational websites. Sticking with it is worth it, though, because you never know when disability may afflict you or your loved one. Knowing which benefits you are eligible for and how to obtain them are critical.

Two of those that are routinely confused: SSDI and SSI. Not only are they similar acronyms, but they serve somewhat similar purposes. Both provide financial aid to persons who are disabled and, in some cases, their families. The main difference is how eligibility is determined.  Continue reading

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